Developing a property is a complex, costly and lengthy process that requires professionals with expertise across a wide range of disciplines. Every project is unique with its own constraints, challenges and opportunities—all influenced by moves in the property market driven by population growth, employment, supply and demand, land supply and zoning, infrastructure investment, lifestyle factors and affordability.

To deliver a successful project, a developer needs to:

  1. understand the local, state and macro market climate including social, economic/affordability and sustainability factors and the subsequent risk and return on their investment;
  2. meet a range of national, state and local Planning and building standards and legislative requirements;
  3. satisfy stakeholders including investors, buyers, government, contractors and the community; and
  4. deliver the project on time and on budget.

These goals are achieved within the framework of the development cycle. Developer considerations and project timelines can be better understood knowing the sequence of events in this cycle.

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