Realm at Austral – Construction Update – February 2019

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Realm at Austral – February Construction Update

70 Seventeenth Ave Austral (Lots 401-408)

All lots in this stage are now sold + the stage is complete.

Realm Stage 1  35-45 Eighteenth Ave

Land has settled and only a few lots remain available for sale.

There have been 8 house starts since registration in October 2018.

Realm Stage 2 75-115 Eighteenth Ave

Council are assessing the revised Construction Certificate plans which we expect to be approved by the end of February 2019.

The civil engineering works are being tendered and are expected to commence mid year.


Realm Stage 3: 55 Eighteenth Ave

Construction is complete and the Land is registered.

Only one Lot remains available for sale.

The site boundary fencing has been removed and settlements have commenced.