The Village Building Co. Limited offers a number of investment opportunities for sophisticated and professional investors.

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Buy Ordinary Shares in The Village Building Co. Limited

Ordinary Shares in The Village Building Co. Limited provide investors with exposure to our whole portfolio of projects. We have a long history of fully franked dividends and capital growth.

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Syndicated Projects

Invest in a Syndicated Project

We offer opportunities to invest alongside the company in specific projects. Syndicates often fill quickly with existing investors.

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Secured Notes

Invest in The Village Building Co. Limited Secured Notes

You can invest in our secured notes product which pay between 7.0–9.0% per annum and are linked to Reserve Bank of Australia cash rates.

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Worth noting

That our investments are only offered to investors defined in the Corporations Act as sophisticated investors or professional investors. Sophisticated investors include:

  • a person investing $500,000 or more;
  • a person who provides a certificate from a qualified accountant dated no more than two years ago certifying that the person has net assets of at least $2.5 million or a gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least $250,000.
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More information on investing with The Village Building Co.

Please contact or (02) 6241 6844.

As with any investment, property is not without its risks and we would encourage first time investors to conduct their own research prior to making investment choices, including price, taxation advice, interest rates and residential property market cycles.