A flexible range of innovative housing options is coming to the much-loved suburb of Weston in a beautifully landscaped setting that reflects the natural aesthetic of this established inner-Canberra suburb.

Whether you're looking to buy your first home, find a bigger one or downsize, this new housing community will include quality designed and built two-, three- and four-bedroom terraces and land-only blocks to suit everyone with attractive open spaces and play areas.

Sustainability is key to the design of this precinct, incorporating best practices in environmental conservation, urban design and connectedness to ensure a community that will add value to the area and last for generations to come.

General timeline

  • Dec 2008 – Site rezoned from Community Facility Zone (CFZ) to Medium Density Residential (RZ4)
  • Dec 2017 – Site acquired by Village
  • May-Aug 2018 – Pre-DA community consultation
  • Oct 2018 - Submission of preliminary draft Estate Development Plan (EDP)
  • Nov 2018 - July 2019 – Government review process
  • May - July 2019 – Environmental Significance Opinions process
  • Sep 2019 – Update of Pre-DA community consultation
  • Sep 2019 – Lodge final draft EDP as Development Application
  • Oct 2019 – EDP placed on public notification
  • Feb 2020 – Notice of Decision received
  • Apr 2020 – Appeal process in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal begins

Frequently Asked Questions

Approval process

Notice of Decision

We have received notification from the planning and land authority that our development application for Weston in its current form has been refused. After undertaking a thorough community and agency engagement process and preparing a development application that we believed was best for all stakeholders and compliant with relevant regulation, we are surprised and disappointed with the decision.

Village remains fully committed to the development of the site.

Appealing the decision in ACAT

After reviewing the Notice of Decision in-depth and conferring with a number of third party experts, Village has decided to appeal ACT Planning and Land Authority’s decision in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT).

The process began on 3 April. More details about the process can be found on the ACAT website:

Why did you lodge an EDP instead of a DA?

We prepared an Estate Development Plan (EDP) for the Weston site, because it didn’t yet have one. An EDP process allows the site and its surrounds to be planned and delivered in an integrated way and provides more certainty to the community.  While sometimes lengthier, the EDP process is similar to the Development Application (DA) process and the final EDP can be lodged in the same way.

Changes to the masterplan

What has changed?

Changes have been made to the masterplan to reflect the feedback from community and government. These will bring long-term benefits to new residents and the surrounding community.

  • Traffic - We have removed the time advantage for rat running with a range of measures including reducing the number of entrances from three to two, adding speed humps and creating a more circuitous road network.
  • Parking - We have added more parking internally. We now have 794 spaces compared to the 650 required by the Government, including 274 visitor spaces.
  • Open space - The site will be beautifully landscaped including additional plantings in the neighbouring Fetherston Gardens and in the Unwin St floodway. The updated plan has three linear parks (17 - 20 metres wide) instead of one central park, which means more homes front onto open space. They will have nature play equipment, seating and shelters.
  • Trees - To level out the artificial embankments on the site, we will need to remove virtually all trees within the site. However, three trees will be planted for every tree removed. Most of the verge trees will be retained, especially along Heysen St.
  • Density - We have removed the apartments. We are offering quality designed and built two-, three- and four-bedroom terraces and land-only blocks, which will meet the needs of a range of households. There are now 261 dwellings on the site.
  • Design - We have improved the layout of the precinct to ensure more solar access and less overshadowing. There is more connectivity and pedestrian flow through the site and fewer rear lanes. Some homes will have the provision for a lift for less mobile residents.

Why have the plans changed so much since the public consultation?

This project was subject to the ACT Government’s new Pre-DA Community Consultation Guidelines. The process means that the draft masterplan is first presented to the community for feedback and adapted accordingly. It is then submitted to the ACT Government for review and undergoes another round of changes. Due to some of the feedback received from the Government and our desire to incorporate the wishes of the community, we revisited a number of design elements including the layout and the housing mix. We believe the changes will bring long-term benefits for residents and the broader community.

How have density and building heights changed?

The apartments have been removed from the development, which will now only include a mix of two-, three- and four-bedroom terraces and land-only blocks. Due to the changed layout, the total number of homes has increased very slightly to 261. Building heights fronting onto Heysen St and opposite the Orana School are restricted to two storeys, with three storeys permissible elsewhere.

How are you addressing rat running and traffic issues, particularly along Heysen St?

We have responded to traffic concerns in the following ways:

  1. We have reduced the number of entrances to one on Heysen St and one on Unwin St.
  2. Raised platforms will be built at the entrances to slow traffic and private driveway signage will be posted.
  3. The internal road network is now more circuitous so that the travel time through the site will not be quicker than the alternative route along Tom Bass Terrace.
  4. We have offered to contribute $300,000 to the signalisation of Streeton Dr and Heysen St, which will increase pedestrian and vehicle safety and relieve traffic congestion. 

What happened to the central park?

The new plan includes three linear parks (17 - 20m wide), which will include play equipment and seating, rather than a central park. Houses will generally be set back four metres and have pool fencing to create an open feeling. This change increases the accessibility to open pace, because more homes front onto green space. It also provides a greater variety of open space, given the large public park available to new and surrounding residents next door at Fetherston Gardens. We hope the residents of the new Weston community will make use of neighbouring park and the opportunity to integrate with the surrounding residents. As such, we are building a toilet block at Fetherston Gardens and will be planting additional trees with the Friends of Fetherston Gardens.

Why are so many trees being removed? 

For every tree removed, three will be planted on and around the site. Verge trees will be retained where possible, particularly along Heysen St. Additional native trees will be planted in Fetherston Gardens and along Unwin St.

The reason for removing trees on the site is due to its history. When the site was developed by the AFP 30 years ago, it was extensively terraced with 3m high embankments and large flat platforms to suit large buildings and car parks. We are unable to build a residential development on this artificial terrain and need to remove the terracing and embankments to restore the site to its natural state. This will involve removing virtually all trees within the site, none of which are registered. However, more trees will be planted in their place.

All trees in the verge of Heysen St and Streeton Drive will be retained except for one tree that straddles the boundary.  Some of the trees in Unwin St need to be removed to allow for the construction of a footpath leading to the Orana school.

Two of Australia’s most reputable landscape designers have prepared the Landscape Masterplan, with advice from Friends of Fetherston Gardens.

Pending approval

When will sales commence?

Sales will begin pending approval of the EDP. All information will be available on this website.

What is the Charity House being built in the new Weston precinct?

We are partnering with the Master Builders (ACT) and charity foundation Hands Across Canberra to build a Charity House on the site. It will be auctioned with the proceeds going to vulnerable Canberrans.

What impact will the construction of homes have on the surrounding community?

If the EDP is approved, we will put together a management plan for all construction traffic that will address the impact on the community. The contractor hired to undertake the bulk earthworks will manage noise and dust mitigation.

RiotACT: Village Takes Fight for Weston Development to ACAT

Village Building Company has gone straight to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal in a bid to get its $140 million Weston development moving again after the shock knockback of the project.

It has challenged the ACT Planning and Land Authority’s decision in ACAT and the matter is listed for a directions hearing on Friday (3 April).

Village partnering with the MBA Charity House Project

We believe in Creating Value and Connecting Communities and we're proud to be a part of the Charity House Project with the MBA ACT and Hands Across Canberra​