A flexible range of innovative housing options is coming to the much-loved suburb of Weston in a beautifully landscaped setting that reflects the natural aesthetic of this established inner-Canberra suburb.

Whether you're looking to buy your first home, find a bigger one or downsize, this new housing community will include two-, three- and four-bedroom terraces and townhomes as well as land-only blocks to suit everyone with attractive open spaces and play areas.

Sustainability is key to the design of this precinct, incorporating best practices in environmental conservation, urban design and connectedness to ensure a community that will add value to the area and last for generations to come.


General timeline

  • Dec 2008 – The ACT Government rezoned the site in December 2008 from Community Facility Zone (CFZ) to Medium Density Residential (RZ4)
  • Dec 2017 – Former Australian Federal Police site in Weston acquired by Village
  • May-Aug 2018Community and stakeholder feedback: Pre-DA community consultation, government and other stakeholder consultation, Traffic Impact Assessment undertaken
  • Oct 2018 - Village’s partnership in the Charity House initiative announced by Chief Minister Andrew Barr.
  • Nov 2018-ongoing Government feedback: Draft Preliminary Estate Development Plan (EDP) submitted to the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) for comment from the government agencies

Next steps (dependent on government agency review process)

  • Ongoing discussions with government agencies and amendments to the draft EDP
  • Lodge final draft EDP as Development Application
  • Further amendments to plan based on final comments from government
  • EDP placed on public notification
  • EDP approval pending public notification

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you changed from seeking a DA to following the EDP process?

To facilitate a community titled development, approval is best sought under an Estate Development Plan (EDP). The EDP process is a lengthier and more complex process than a DA, so we are unable to give exact timelines.

Why can’t we see the preliminary draft EDP you submitted in November?

The plans currently available on the site reflect the feedback from the initial consultation we undertook with the community, government and other stakeholders from May to August 2018. The plans are now being reviewed by government and will undergo a number of iterations. To avoid confusion, we will upload the final draft EDP that incorporates all the feedback from government agencies at the end of this process.

Have density and building heights changed?

Not significantly. There is likely to be approximately 260 dwellings. The apartments have been removed from the development which will now only include a mix of two-, three- and four-bedroom dwellings and land-only blocks. There are height limits of two storeys along Heysen St and opposite the Oriana school, with three storeys permissible elsewhere.

Have you changed the number of access points along Heysen Street?

We have reduced the number of entrances off Heysen St from three to one. The only entrance is approximately 170 metres from Streeton Drive. This reflects both community feedback and will reduce the chance of rat running through the site. The draft traffic management plan will be published with the EDP during the formal EPSDD public notification period. ​

When will sales commence?

Due to the lengthier EDP approval process, we are unable to say when sales will begin. All information will be available on this website when we have worked through the various approval processes.

What is the Charity House being built in the new Weston precinct?

We are partnering with the Master Builders (ACT) and charity foundation Hands Across Canberra to build a Charity House on the site. It will be auctioned with the proceeds going to vulnerable Canberrans.

How are you going to address traffic issues along Heysen St?

We have and will continue to respond to traffic concerns in the following ways:

  1. We have reviewed the access points on the site and reduced them to one off Heysen St and one on Unwin St.
  2. We are reviewing the internal road network to reduce the chance of rat running and improve traffic flow within the site.
  3. We will represent the community as best we can in taking the residents’ concerns to the Government together with the WCCC.

The Traffic Impact Assessment conducted last year is available to download on the Concept Masterplan page.


Have Your Say

We will continue to update this website with details of the upcoming process.

If you were not able to contribute to the pre-DA consultation process but still want to provide comment, please contact the Weston Creek Community Council at or call them on 02 6288 8975. This ensures that community feedback is coordinated through a single source.

If you have queries about the consultation process, contact Canberra Town Planning at or on 02 6262 5091.

Village partnering with the MBA Charity House Project

We are proud to be partnering with Canberra community foundation, Hands-Across-Canberra and the MBA ACT to deliver a brand new home for the MBA Charity House Project