Mother’s Day 2020

5 May 2020

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day that for many families normally involves family gatherings, meals out at restaurants or picnics in the park. With Covid-19 restrictions still limiting our movements, this year will be a little different. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the day special for your mum. Here are few ideas that are sure to put a smile on mum’s face:

Book a night away in a hotel

Many hotels are offering “Staycations” so mum can enjoy a luxurious night away with a meal delivered to her room and a bottle of sparkling to sip while she sinks into a hot bubble bath.

Send flowers

This a no brainer and a great last-minute option. A beautiful bunch of flowers will be sure to brighten her day.

Send an online gift card for e-books

If your mum is isolating at home, she’s probably got lots of time to read. Send her an e-voucher so she can download digital books. These can be used on normal smart phones or tablets if she doesn’t have an e-reader like a kindle.

Donate to charity in her name

Does your mum always tell you she has everything she needs? Why not spend your money on someone who doesn’t? A donation to a charity in you mums name will certainly warm her heart.

Schedule family video call

Set up a time the whole family can jump on a facetime or Zoom call. It’s the next best option to all being in a room together.

Send hamper or gift basket

Why not support a small business and shop local? Many gift stores, restaurants/bars, bakeries etc are offering hampers and platters safely delivered directly to mum’s doorstep.

Get the kids to send “hugs”

If you have children, it’s likely your mum is desperately missing cuddles from her grandchildren. A fun craft activity with the kids is to make hugs. Trace around their head and arms on a large sheet of paper, get them to colour in their self-portrait, cut it out and post or deliver to your mum. 

Get baking

If you live near your mum, bake some homemade treats and drop them at the door. She will love that you’ve put your time and effort into making something just for her.

And lastly - If you’re at home with kids, your partner is probably desperate for a little peace and quiet. On Sunday morning after making her breakfast in bed, take the kids out for a long ride so mum can enjoy a quiet morning in bed.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there.