How to Stay Cool this Summer (without turning on the AC)

7 January 2020

Summer is a great time of the year, but there are days when the heat can overtake the fun. Here are 11 (AC free) tips to help keep you and your home cool this Summer.

1. Close your blinds One of the smartest things you can do to eliminate heat is to close your blinds. Do this early, especially those who get all day sun and afternoon sun. If you have curtains, the same rules apply.

2. Load the freezer with ice-blocks or yummy treats Life doesn’t seem that bad when you’re biting down on something cold on a hot summer’s day. Freeze a packet of ice-blocks the night before so they’re on hand and ready to go. If you’re wanting something else to help keep your temperature down, opt for a refreshing piece of frozen fruit or frozen juice!

3. Close doors and seal gaps Close doors to rooms that you aren’t using to avoid wasting cool air. Make sure to seal off any other gaps (such as doors and windows) that allows hot drafts of air to enter your living space.

4. Stay hydrated One of, if not, the most important tip to remember is to remain hydrated and drink plenty of fluids! Try to limit caffeine and alcohol consumption as these beverages can dehydrate you quicker. Store a dozen or more bottles of water in your fridge so that you’re prepared and don’t have to think twice about guzzling one down!

5. Stay indoors during the day To avoid heatstroke and severe dehydration avoid participating in any means of outdoor activity during the day and afternoon. This covers anything from walking outside to running up a hill. Should you have the urge to exercise, switch your schedule to early morning or late evening once the temperature has dropped.

6. Wear loose-fitting clothes On a hot day, slip-on lose-fitting and airy clothes. Try to avoid the colour black and materials such as lycra, denim and spandex.

7. Fill a spray-bottle This will become your closest companion. Use this bottle to spray yourself with water if you’re in need of a bit of relief from the heat.

8. Soak tea towel in cold water Soak a tea towel in cold water and ring it out. Apply the damp towel to the back of your neck or to pressure points on your body.

9. Invest in a fan Sometimes it feels that fans just push hot air around. Invest in a decent fan and be amazed by the result. Although it’s not exactly air-conditioning, it will help improve the discomfort of heat and allow you to have a more comfortable night’s sleep.

10. Head to a public place If you can no longer stand the heat, head to a public location such as the library, shopping centre, cinemas or museums. Most local facilities have air-conditioning.

11. Get underwater For instant relief jump into a cold shower, bath or pool! This will cool you down and make you feel like a million bucks for an hour or so.