Building on a Sloping Block

11 June 2020

Building on a sloping block is becoming increasingly more popular with buyers. Not only can it capture beautiful views and encourage innovative house designs, but these blocks are usually more affordable.
So, what exactly is a sloping block?

A sloping block is exactly what it sounds like - a block of land where one side is higher than the other, whether from side to side or front to back.

Here are three things to consider when buying and building on a sloping block:

1. Design a Split-Level Home
Designing a split-level home on a sloping block has numerous advantages and build options.

One benefit is that a split-level home fits with the site. It complements the block, as opposed to working against it, which can save you the expense of excavation.

Another advantage of a split-level home is that it can provide architectural interest, which encourages purchasers to think outside of the box promoting creativity and innovation. The height changes across a split-level home, whether it’s bi-level (two levels) or tri-level (three levels), will generally command a more appealing outlook than what is possible with a flat block.

Another reason why you should welcome the idea of a split-level home is that you will often be able to achieve more natural light through clever design and window placement.


2. Return on Investment
Depending on the complexity of your house design and what type of builder you choose, building on a slope doesn’t have to break the bank. What you spend in materials, building techniques, and effort may all increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

Nowadays, purchasers crave house designs that express individuality and uniqueness, rather than a cookie-cutter layout and a façade that looks like every other home in the street.

3. Choose the Right Builder
Whether you’ve already purchased your block or are still in the decision-making phase, ensure that you carefully select a builder that is a right fit for your home.

When choosing a builder, due diligence pays off, so make sure to do your research. Partnering with a custom builder, who specializes in accommodating sloping blocks, will not only get you the result you’re after but will keep your wallet happy too!

We hope that helps! Happy Buying!