5 Examples of How Colour Can Add Life to a Room

20 December 2019

Looking to spruce up your home? Here are 5 colourful ways to do just that!

1) Colourful Cabinetry

The Kitchen is considered one of, if not, the most important and highly trafficked rooms in a house. The opportunity for innovation, creativity and design is vast, however, most kitchen’s never reach their full potential and remain neutral and bland. Nothing is more inviting than cheerful kitchen (see below). The yellow and white colour palette attracts your eye to feel comfortable and at ease. It oozes sophistication and elegance. By installing colourful cabinetry, you can transform an average kitchen to something you’d find in a magazine - what better way to set the tone for the rest of your house!

2) Decorate with Plants to add Brightness and a Sense of Comfort

Not only do plants help fill an empty space, but studies have shown by introducing certain plants into your house helps reduce stress and boost your overall mood. Pretty cool, huh. Incorporating a little greenery into your home is a good idea – it adds life (literally) to a room and can produce a calming and relaxed atmosphere.

3) Switch out the Cushions

Something as subtill as changing cushion cases will pack a punch! Mix and match and get creative with different textures, prints and fabrics. These small pops of colours can harmoniously tie in other objects in the room, without being overwhelming.

4) Change Your Shutters

Plantation shutters are such a strong addition to any interior and can be used throughout the house. Instead of going for the traditional white, opt for something a little bit more out-there and inspiring. Recreate your space to a soothing and romantic haven, or go for something more causal and chic. The choice is yours!

5) Invest in a Piece of Art

Turn an ordinary room into extraordinary by installing a piece of artwork. Art can be manifested into countless forms - sculptures, paintings, mirrors, a set of prints, etc!. Art can be used as a staple piece – it can command attention and become the focal point in the room. Alternatively, art can be used to make a space feel tranquil and relaxed and can be used several times around the room create a cohesive space.