3 Trendy Kitchen Ideas

11 November 2019

Removable Wallpaper

Want to jazz-up a temporary kitchen or make a provisional change to an existing one? Removable wallpaper is a hassle-free and mess-free approach that unifies creativity and ease. Removable wallpaper is perfect for renters who want to add their own touch without sacrificing the bond deposit. For a mind-blowing transformation, just follow the following steps:

  • Measure up the kitchen walls and backsplash
  • Pick out a great pattern
  • Peel off the paper
  • Line it all up

For more information, visit removablewallpaper.com.au

Wood(like) Floors

For most people, the kitchen is the main gathering point in the house – this typically means high volume, traffic and the chance of wear-and-tear. Although hardwood floors may be everyone’s ideal use of material – it may not always be the most affordable choice. Fortunately, there are other materials you can use that are a fraction of the price and give you a stunning result:

  • Laminate Flooring – imitates the luxurious look and texture of hardwood floors, easy to clean, affordable, stain-resistant and won’t fade from sunlight.
  • Vinyl flooring – comes in planks/boards, easy to install and clean, durable and affordable.
  • Ceramic tiles – hygienic, water-resistant, super easy to clean (no allergies), choose from a variety of colours and styles.

More than “just” a Fridge

Smart technology is maneuvering its way into every appliance into the household, and the refrigerator is just the tip of the iceberg. Nowadays, fridges have many functions – gone are the days where their only purpose was to preserve your food and beverages. Now, thanks to an app, you can brew a hot cup of coffee right from the water filter – oh yes, that’s right! If this sounds like something you want to get your hands on, check out a Smart French Door Refrigerator with K-Cup.

Another brand that is making noise in the fridge department is Samsung. Samsung has a variety of smart fridges that combine fun and functionality for the entire family. They have fridges that allow you to touch the fridge door to see what’s inside the fridge without having to open it, create shopping lists and lets you know when your food has expired. If that’s not clever, then I don’t know what is.