The Hub at Bruce is a mixed use development in the ACT comprising 272 apartments and commercial space. It also incorporates an array of important environmental initiatives and have been designed with a clear focus on achieving a high quality "green" environment.

Environmental initiatives include:

  • Installation of ‘grey water’ recycling systems that utilise treated household waste water to irrigate common area landscape throughout the complex. The grey water system drains into a collection tank and is then pumped to a deep sand filtration bed where it is treated, then stored in a holding tank to be pumped onto landscape areas.
  • Implementation of renewable energy technology using grid-interactive or two-way grid interconnection. The system uses sophisticated control equipment so that a 10kw photovoltaic array can generate close to 40kwh/day, which offsets the running costs for lighting of all common areas.
  • Use of solar power collected by a roof mounted photovoltaic array and fed back into the grid which is then connected to the House Services Distribution Board supplementing the power to car park and stairwell lighting, basement roller shutter operation, hydraulic pump control and solar hot water tubes used to pre-heat water.

Case studies in Environmental Sustainability