At Village Building Co, we like to ‘tread’ a light environmental footprint.

We pride ourselves on achieving sustainable outcomes for all our developments, delivering not only tangible positive benefits for our communities today, but maintaining and enhancing prospects for the future.

We care for the environment by:

  • Ensuring every home we build incorporates water efficient fixtures and appliances.
  • Choosing energy efficient lighting in our homes.
  • Harnessing and utilising renewable resources to achieve long term sustainability.
  • Utilising renewable energy technology where possible, such as solar hot water.
  • Targeting development sites located in close proximity to public transport, providing easy access to shopping and employment centres to reduce the carbon footprint of our residents.
  • Encouraging a mix of integrated single title and multi-unit housing in order to create strong, vibrant and diverse communities and to achieve socially responsible densities.

Case studies in Environmental Sustainability