3 Ways You Can Maximise a Small Garden

Grow Up

 To maximize a small space, think vertical. Use plants that draw your eyes upward – this can make a small space feel much larger than it really is. There are many types of wall-climbers, fast-growing plants and vines that you could use to create this area. These include:

3 Trendy Kitchen Ideas

Removable Wallpaper

Want to jazz-up a temporary kitchen or make a provisional change to an existing one? Removable wallpaper is a hassle-free and mess-free approach that unifies creativity and ease. Removable wallpaper is perfect for renters who want to add their own touch without sacrificing the bond deposit. For a mind-blowing transformation, just follow the following steps:

“What! Hidden Costs?” If You’re a First Home Buyer Relax, Here's What You Need To Know Ahead of Time…

Buying your first home is a big deal. It’s exciting and daunting at the same time - a melting-pot of emotions. For those property ‘newbies’, it’s important to know that the purchase price isn’t the only associated cost when buying your first home (although that would be nice). Unfortunately, there are other expenses that come into play when buying your home.

Interest rates on hold at record-low 0.75 percent

The Reserve Bank has held interest rates at the historic low of 0.75 per cent.

RBA governor Philip Lowe noted in his post-decision statement the outlook for the Australian economy is little changed from three months ago. The RBA is forecasting GDP growth of around 2.25 per cent this year, gradually picking up to 3 per cent in 2021.