National Safe Work Month

It's Safe Work Month, and we're looking at the numbers.

Around 12,600 serious workers’ compensation claims are accepted from the construction industry each year. Despite reductions in the numbers and rates of injuries and fatalities over the last ten years, this industry remains high risk.

Housing Rebound Gathers Steam

The recovery in the housing market is gathering momentum through the first month of spring but policymakers and regulators remain relaxed about the rebound to date.

Housing values in Australia’s two largest cities have bounced back rapidly over the past two months. Sydney was up a cumulative 3.3 percent and Melbourne was up 3.2 percent in August and September.

6 Hot Tips For Homebuyers

1. Know WHERE you want to live. We come across numerous buyers who rattle off their top 15 suburbs. When speaking with a sales consultant, make sure you condense that list down to a few or an even better one! The best buyers always become an expert on a suburb, so have an idea of what you’re after and the community you envisage yourself being a part of.

Reserve Bank Cuts rate to 0.75%

The RBA has cut interest rates again to a historic low, with the cash rate now below one percent.

Dr Chalmers said Tuesday’s rate cut to 0.75 per cent highlighted "the urgent need" for the government to stimulate the economy.